The Sherwood Christian Academy Athletic Department exists to support the school's overall mission by providing a Christ-centered competitive outlet for students that develops character, integrity, leadership, and other life-skills needed to become Christ-like leaders in life. Sherwood Christian athletes GLORIFY, LEAD, COMPETE, and MODEL. 

As a member of GAPPS, Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools, we offer competitive sports programs in football, cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, tennis, track and soccer.

Having the word “Christian” in our school name means little if we do not work diligently to represent Christ in every area of our life. Representing Christ on the field of play starts with practice. Each athlete is encouraged to be excellent in their sport and position, knowing that when they play they are glorifying God through the talents He has given them. We strive to be recognized by our competitors for our sense of fair play, outstanding effort and Christ-like character.

“You all have built a wonderfully Christ-centered program and it resonates into the stands. I love watching how these boys and girls pick each other up when they have bad days and how they celebrate each other in their successes. That all begins in their hearts, but it is brought out and nurtured by you all - and for that, I cannot give enough praise.” - Bert & Kristi Baranko, SCA Family

For more information on our sports programs contact our Athletic Director. 
Jay Flynt

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