Student Activities

Our students participate in numerous activities throughout the academic year. It is our desire to offer every student the opportunity to be active in their selected realm of extracurricular pursuits.

At SCA, we have thoughtfully curated an environment where your child can seamlessly make connections and grow in their gifting and talents. We offer activities such as student government, honor societies, service organizations and more.

Join us in fostering a journey where involvement is an invaluable cornerstone of your child’s growth as a student. Welcome to SCA, where engagement meets excellence.

Discover Ways to Get Your Student Involved at SCA:

  • National Honor Society
  • Student Government
  • Musical Theater
  • Missions Trips
  • Math Counts
  • Math Olympics
  • Spelling Bee
  • Geography Bowl
  • One Act Play
  • Spring Literary
  • Junior/Senior Banquet
  • Sherwood Cup
  • Community Service
  • Athlete Development Program