K3-12 Education

Academically Rigorous, Bible-based, Christ-centered, College Preparatory Education

Preschool & Kindergarten

SCA provides a quality educational experience for K3 and K4 preschool students, laying a strong foundation for their journey into kindergarten while nurturing essential social skills through daily interactions and exploration in learning centers. Our dedicated teachers and curriculum places a strong emphasis on the development of fine motor skills, fostering growth through diverse activities such as writing, art, and coloring. God’s Word is taught daily and in the first weeks of school the students begin to quote Bible verses. Students enjoy time in media, music, and physical education. As they enter kindergarten, they have a basic foundation in math concepts, cursive handwriting, and the goal is for our students to be able to read words and sentences fluently.

Our K5 students build on these same concepts to perfect their math, reading, and writing skills. K4 and K5 students are both introduced to independent seat work and formal reading groups. Reading fluency and comprehension are a focus in kindergarten, along with providing opportunities for students to express themselves through presentations, PE, recess, music, and writing.


In the early years of a young learner at SCA, it is the desire of each teacher to build a strong biblical foundation in all subject areas. This foundation will lead to application in the areas of language arts, math, science and history. Elementary students are encouraged to discover their God-given strengths and abilities and use them as they advance into middle and high school. They are given opportunities to grow through STEM, weekly chapel, music, athletics, physical education, Accelerated Reader program, and field trips.

Middle School

During the early adolescent years, our qualified and committed teachers guide students through this changing period in life with challenging academic instruction combined with the development of critical thinking skills. Core subjects include Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and History. We also offer Computer Studies, Art, Music, Spanish, Drama, and Physical Education. Middle School students establish rewarding friendships important to them in these critical years through a wide variety of activities throughout the school year. The students experience chapel services weekly, where they lead and participate in worship and are challenged to be obedient to the Lord in every day life.

High School

The high school experience at Sherwood is focused on figuring out the gifts and talents God has given each student, and then coming along side and helping them master those abilities. Whether those be in the classroom, on the field of competition or on the stage, our students are encouraged to explore and excel in various activities. Each student also knows that their academics will be the foundation on which they use their other talents.

The extensive high school curriculum includes the core subjects of Bible, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology Skills, Fine Arts, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Physical Education. Dual Credit College Courses, Advanced Placement and Honors classes are available in major subject areas. Daily devotions, weekly chapel services, and special spiritual emphasis times are also essential aspects of student life in the high school.

High school students also have the opportunity to go on various mission trips and service projects throughout their time in grades 9-12. Each student is required to have 70 volunteer hours over the four years of high school as well. This requirement is in place to instill in our students the importance of service to others in their community and in other parts of the world.