At SCA, we work to integrate technology into every grade level with meaningful, authentic experiences that help students learn and nurture creativity. From personalized “play” lists taught in kindergarten to exciting experiences in our media center in elementary school or “invention conventions” in our middle school – we work to include technology as part of how we create and learn.

Excellence in SCA Tech

The goal of SCA Technology, as stated by technology teacher Vicki Davis, is that everything we do will be “world class and God-honoring” and we have many examples to show of that:

  • In spring 2019, CBS Interactive and T-Mobile came to our campus to film a short video from Vicki Davis’ classroom and work, predicting the future of 5G Technologies (Watch Video Here).
  • Our digital film class, called the “Sherwood Showstoppers” has had meetings and briefings from leading Christian filmmakers, editors, and even a missionary who uses drone footage to share the gospel. The students film and create movies themselves to inspire and encourage other teens. Check out our YouTube channel!
  • Our ninth grade classes developed and pitched their apps in an “SCA Shark Tank” experience as they learn to create market-driven apps that meet social and business-related needs.
  • Our seventh grade class filmed the fifth grade “wax museum” history project and shared videos with the students to give feedback and share the learning.
  • Our eighth grade class hosted an “Invention Convention” where they each built robotics, designed items to print from the 3D printer and created stop motion animation.
  • Freshmen students in Intro to Digital Technology class designed an original app and Adobe Figma employees took notice! Figma representatives met with students over Zoom to get feedback and learn more about their project.


Mrs. Vicki Davis teaches four classes to grades 7-11. Grades 7-9 each have one semester in the “Masterpiece Theater Mac Lab” where cutting edge iMacs crank out creative designs and learning experiences.

These courses are:

  • Keyboarding and Technology Applications (7th grade) – Students learn to keyboard with touch typing and also to use our Learning Management System on the Google platform. This course gives a strong basis for future learning which often happens online. Students also learn to properly format and type business letters, business memos, MLA papers, and more standard formats. They learn to use word processors including Google Docs and Microsoft Word and have a basic introduction to presentation tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides. This is a basics class that sets a student up for success in middle school, high school, college, and the business world.
  • Computer Applications (8th grade) – In this course, students go deeper into computer applications including the full Microsoft suite, full Google suite, and the full Adobe suite of products. All students are issued full licenses for all three suites of products and can install these products on a personal device as well as use it at school. From using PhotoShop to create logos and designs for their very own computer app to creating meaningful presentations using the “presentation zen” approach, students become fluent in all types of document formats, converting between each, and solving real world problems by creating solutions using technology. Students also begin their coding journey by creating video games in Scratch with multilevels as they learn game design theory and Ux (user experience) strategies.
  • Introduction to Computer Science (9th Grade) – In this course, students begin to learn some basic coding skills, collaborative teamwork through building apps, and more advanced graphics and filmmaking. This course helps prepare students for the technology demands of our digital world both in business and ministry. A unit on digital filmmaking and visual grammar is also included in this course.
  • Digital Filmmaking – This elective course teaches students the basics of filmmaking, how to use advanced Hollywood-adopted tools like Adobe Premier and After Effects. Students will learn how to create film in a variety of genres from “YouTube” style films to more traditional filmmaking. In this class, students also learn teamwork and the roles and responsibilities of a variety of jobs on the film set. With the investment the school has made in high quality sound and film equipment, this class is an excellent introduction to film that has launched some students on their journey to pursue a career in filmmaking.
  • AP Computer Science Principles – This College Board-approved Advanced Placement Course teaches the principles of Computer Science. Students program in Python and learn about the digital technologies that are shaping our world including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and the ethics that will help students move into a successful future.