Answering the call to fill a crucial role mid-year, Mrs. Zan Twiggs seamlessly transitioned into her new duties last year. As the 2023-2024 academic year unfolded, her influence expanded significantly to include 8th Grade English, 7th Grade World History, and yearbook sponsor for high schoolers. Whether delving into the complexities of historical dictators, crafting captivating narratives in English, or meticulously curating this year’s yearbook masterpiece, Mrs. Twiggs is a dedicated encourager and leader for her students!

EDUCATION: BS in Business and Industrial Psychology from Troy State University

YEARS LEADING IN EDUCATION: I homeschooled one or all of our four children for 19 years. I came on board at SCA Spring Semester of 2023 as the middle school drama teacher. It was my first experience directing a musical, and I had a blast getting to know the students as we moved through the process. This is my first year teaching in a brick and mortar school and my first year at SCA.

WHAT IS YOU FAVORITE THING ABOUT TEACHING SECONDARY STUDENTS? I love the energy of middle school students. I love the questions they ask as they try to relate their literature or the historical events we are discussing to their lives.

FAVORITE PLACE YOU’VE VISITED ON VACATION: We visited our daughter who was living in London at the time and took a train to Edinburgh. Traveling through the English countryside, visiting Scotland, and sharing the experience with my family was incredible.

FAVORITE HOBBY OR HIDDEN TALENT: I sew ballet costumes/tutus. I have taught ballet, tap, and jazz for 15 years, but I have primarily worked with the preschool dancers for the past several years. I also enjoy singing with our church choir and praise team.

FAVORITE BOOK OR MOVIE: I love all things Jane Austen.


WHY DO YOU THINK CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL? I love being able to discuss our faith as we read literature and learn how Christianity has been affected and has endured through history. I think it’s important for our students not to silo their faith – to understand that Christianity isn’t a Sunday/Wednesday thing. At school, our faith is something we talk about all day long. I hope that carries on to their adult lives and into their places of employment.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY AT SCA? I love the students gathering around my desk in the mornings before homeroom starts and catching up with them.