2024 Spring Literary Results

Congratulations to the students who participated and placed at GAPPS Spring Literary Competition last week!

Boys quartet – David Albano, Caden Thomas, Matthew Nowicki, Jack NeSmith (2nd Place)
Girls trio – Addison Mingo, Aly Postlewaite, Miley Clements (3rd Place)
Rhetorical essay – Mary Grace Piper (2nd Place)
Informative speech – Brody Brown (tie for 4th Place)
Impromptu speech – Will Moorhead (4th Place)
Personal essay – Selah Beck (2nd Place)
Persuasive speech – Sam Moorhead (2nd Place)
Persuasive essay – Alden Wright
Dramatic interpretation – Lydia Sancinito (3rd Place)
Humorous interpretation – Hannah Albano (3rd Place)
Duo interpretation – David Albano, Caden Thomas (3rd Place)
Girls solo – Hannah Albano
Boys solo – Caden Thomas (3rd Place)
Piano – Aly Postlewaite (3rd Place)
Spelling – Matthew Nowicki (3rd Place)