Campus Security

Safety Is Our Priority

Thank you for entrusting Sherwood Christian Academy with the education and protection of your children. The safety of your children will always be a top priority for our faculty and staff here at SCA.

1 Peter 5 tells us that we must be shepherds to God’s flock, not only to lead them but protect them. Our enemy is on the prowl, always seeking who he may devour. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect our children from the evil and wickedness of the world.

Some of Our Security Measures at Sherwood Christian Academy:

  • Our property is enclosed by an 8-foot-tall fence that encompasses the perimeter of our entire campus.
  • Access to the fenced-in portion of the school is monitored electronically and through our camera system. To gain access, you must be authorized prior to entry.
  • Our campus is also insulated by Legacy Park, owned by Sherwood Baptist Church. An 8-foot-tall perimeter fence also encloses the park, thus adding another layer of protection.
  • All visitors, including vendors and contractors, must provide a state issued ID. Their ID is processed through the Raptor Technologies Visitor Management System.
  • Movement through the campus is electronically controlled through monitored access points.
  • The campus has been outfitted with an advanced camera system monitored by multiple staff members.
  • We have installed a school-wide, state-of-the-art, automated security/communication system allowing faster threat recognition and response to any active situation in our school. This system allows monitoring and control by the administration and the school security team through fixed and mobile applications.
  • Classroom doors are closed and locked at all times throughout the day.
  • Our school safety and crisis plan is complete, updated annually, and approved by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).
  • The Dougherty County Sheriff’s Department is present for athletic games and other community events sponsored by SCA.