College Placement

Sherwood Christian Academy is dedicated to preparing students for college. Each fall, we hold grade-level parent meetings for high school parents to communicate information that will assist in this process. The links below provide our students and their parents with guidance resources on life after high school. 

College Planning Guide 

The College Planning Guide is designed to provide our students and their parents with information concerning our guidance plan, the Hope Scholarship, standardized testing, choosing a college, college admissions, financial aid, and college comparisons. They are disseminated at the annual fall parent meetings. The guide will serve as a resource and a checklist of items that need to be addressed each year in high school to help your child reach the college of his/her dreams.

Graduation Requirements for College Prep Diploma at SCA

Department Credits Needed
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Science 4 credits
History 2 credits
Government & Economics 1 credit
Bible 4 credits
Physical Education/Health 1 credit
Foreign Language 2 credits
Fine Arts/Technology/Add. Foreign Language 1 credit
Electives 2 credits

Guidance Links

You may find the following Internet sites useful as you search for information on college entrance testing, college choices, college admissions, financial aid, and scholarship information. If you have any questions about these sites or any other guidance questions, please contact the guidance office at 229.883.5677.  

Christian Colleges          
College Search
Testing Services
Test Prep
Scholarship Search
Financial Aid Information