SCA experienced a miraculous work of God in fall 2019 following the passing of SCA middle schooler Malachi Russell. When he was diagnosed with cancer, Malachi made a list of 17 people he knew who needed Christ and he was bold in sharing the Good News with them. His life sparked revival on SCA's campus. More than 100 students made decisions for Christ! We are thankful to the North American Mission Board for helping tell Malachi's story and what happened on our campus.

Watch his story below and read more on the NAMB website. 

The opportunity for missions is crucial to developing a servant heart. We give our high school students the opportunity to particiapate on mission trips throughout the year. Some are right here at home, while others are across the nation and even around the world. Participating in acts of service and sharing the Gospel when young are the marks of a maturing Christ follower. 

The students raise money themselves and as a group, through various fundraisers, to pay for the personal expenses of the trip and other service projects they will undertake while on site. 

It is our belief at SCA that our students should be given the opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission through various avenues including taking the Gospel to our Jerusalem and to the furthest most parts of the world.