School Leadership

The school leadership at SCA is made up of an administrative team and a School Committee. The administration works with a dedicated faculty and staff every day seeing to the needs of students on a personal level. The School Committee consists of appointed members of Sherwood Baptist Church and a chair who have a passion to see SCA succeed on every level. With every meeting opening in prayer, these individuals seek God's guidance on every decision to be made. Ultimately, this team has one goal in mind – to see Christ honored in every facet of this ministry. 

Leadership Team

Dr. Brian Dougherty
Sylvia Hager
Principal (grs. K3-8th)
Kenny Roberts
Principal (grs. 9th-12th)
Chad Evans
Athletic Director
Brenda Keefe
Guidance Counselor
Vicki Davis
Technology Director
Sherie Baker
Admissions Director
Roger Russell
Operations & Facilities Director

School Committee

Pastor Jim McBride (chair)

Becky Anderson

Ginger NeSmith

Julie Huckaby

Keith Southwell

Kim Sancinito

Patrick Sebesta