Campus Security

We believe that the safety of every child is of utmost importance to our staff. The following are some of the ways we provide proactive and responsive security to keep our students and staff safe at SCA.

Security Measures at Sherwood Christian Academy:

  • The main entrance has controlled access through a magnetic lock and buzzer system which is managed by our receptionist. 
  • All visitors, including vendors and contractors, must provide ID and sign in with the receptionist. SCA uses the Raptor Technologies Visitor Management system to manage all visitors on campus.
  • The elementary and middle school wings have additional controlled access to restrict movement throughout the buildings, especially to our youngest students. 
  • Our campus has an 8-foot security fence around the perimeter with electronic gates that close at the beginning of the school day and release when it is time for dismissal. 
  • Vehicular access is restricted and managed through a camera at the gate. 
  • We have installed numerous security cameras throughout campus that are monitored by several staff members from their computers.
  • We have a Security Director on staff. 
  • Our school safety and crisis manual is complete and current. Faculty and staff have been fully trained in its contents and receive ongoing training throughout the school year to ensure preparedness. 
  • All classrooms are locked at all times throughout the day. 
  • An intruder lockdown procedure is in place and is present in every classroom. 
  • We have installed a school-wide, state of the art, automated security/communication system allowing faster threat recognition and response to any active situation in our school. This system allows monitoring and control by the administration and the school security team through fixed and mobile applications. 
  • The Dougherty County Sheriff’s Department is present for all football and basketball games as well as other community events sponsored by SCA. 
  • Our beautiful campus is surrounded by Legacy Park, owned by Sherwood Baptist Church, which insulates our campus. Additionally, we own 3+ acres on Leary Road alongside the school to increase our perimeter of shelter.