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As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we are taking proactive precautions to protect our students, families, faculty and staff. Our Admissions Director will be happy to contact you upon Inquiry Notice or should you have questions, feel free to contact Sherie Baker. We will be happy to schedule tours again once the COVID-19 precautions have been lifted.

You are always welcome to set up a time to come out and talk with our administrators and faculty. Complete the form below to begin the appointment process, or feel free to contact our Admissions Director, Sherie Baker, at 229-883-5677 or [email protected] to set up a personal appointment or tour of campus.


Another way for students to experience SCA, is a student shadowing day. Your student can come during school hours to see what a day in the life of a Sherwood student is like. They will be given a tour, invited to sit in on a class, introduced to students in their grade and even taken to lunch if time allows. Schedule a shadowing day for your student anytime. Contact Wendy Wilson for elementary at 229-883-5677 or Sherie Baker for secondary at 229-883-5677.

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We are so excited to know you're interested in SCA! Please click the link below so we can work with you to schedule a tour of our updated campus or a meeting with one of our principals. We look forward to seeing you!

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