Re-Opening Plan

SCA began the 2020-21 school year on August 7 with the primary goal of safety and well-being of our students and staff. We have provided in-person instruction in grades K3-12 five days a week without interruption!

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*Please note that as the level of community spread of the virus changes, our guidelines will adjust accordingly.

Campus updates include:

Installation of Reme Halo Air Purification System

We have installed the Guardian Air Reme Halo Air Purification System ( This technology will continuously eliminate impurities, allergens, and contaminants throughout our buildings.

School Nurse

We are pleased to announce the hiring of a school nurse to manage the health of our staff and students and lead our response plan for any occurrence of infectious diseases. Likewise, the nurse will manage health rooms that have been established in multiple places to serve our staff and students. All illnesses will be addressed through the school nurse per Department of Public Health guidelines.


We have created separate student zones with common restrooms to separate our students and minimize the spread of any infectious disease. One-way traffic patterns will be used in the secondary school. Classroom sizes have been kept small and have been cleared of any unnecessary items to create as much space as possible between students and teachers. Seating charts are being used to help with contract tracing if needed. No large group gatherings will take place. Chapel will be videotaped and played in classrooms. Lockers will not be used to eliminate congregating in hallways.


We will be conducting temperature checks at least twice daily of all staff and students. We purchased two infrared cameras to allow for accurate and efficient screening. Individuals with a fever at or above 100.4 will be sent to the Health Room. Classroom teachers have been issued a handheld thermometer to check temperatures in the room in case a student is not feeling well.


We have decided that all staff and students must bring masks or face coverings to school. They will be required to wear these coverings before entering the building, and they must remain on until they have had their temperatures scanned and have made it to their desks or workstations. Once at their desks, students may remove their coverings but may leave them on if they’d like. If moving to common areas like the Atrium, passing period, cafeteria, etc., students must wear face coverings. Disposable masks are available for those who forgot to bring one to school.


We will be providing hot lunch for all students. All items will be in disposable containers. There will be no ala carte items available or returning for second portions. Students may bring their own lunches. Social distancing has been created with our tables to allow for safety in the cafeteria for grades 2-10. The K students and 1st graders will eat lunch in their classrooms. Snack Attack will be provided in the secondary school.


To expedite arrival and screening, all elementary students will be dropped off at the front entrance and all secondary students in the back at the cafeteria. In the afternoon, 1st grade and K students will be dismissed at the front entrance and grades 2-10 will dismiss from the back. All K students will have a rolling start until 8:30 AM to decrease congestion at the front entrance.


We will be providing these important services. Students will be socially distanced on the bus – one student or siblings per seat. Face coverings must be worn, and temperature checks will be conducted before entering the bus. Likewise, all STAR students will be temperature screened before entering the STAR room.


These areas are the most challenging to offer because of the close contact and the crossing of zones. We will provide these offerings at the level we believe we can keep the students safe. Individual guidelines and decisions will be forthcoming from the athletic office and the fine arts teachers.


No visitors will be allowed to enter past the receptionist desk during school hours. Any in-person appointments that are needed will be conducted in administrative offices. All vendors will conduct their business after school hours. All visitors needing to move past the receptionist will be temperature checked and will need a face covering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will SCA still provide a distance learning option?

No, we are not offering distance learning as an option. We are committed to in-person instruction for as long as we are able to do so. Please note that our students will be using technology and Google Classroom in the first week of school during their in-person instruction to keep them fresh. This commitment to blended learning will be advantageous if we should have to go to full distance learning.

What happens if a student or staff member starts feeling ill at school or someone contracts COVID-19?

Individuals who become ill at school will be referred to the school nurse and placed in one of our designated health rooms. Parents will be contacted to come and take the student home. We will follow the professional counsel of the school nurse related to next steps of any ill students or staff members. All communication to parents regarding potential exposure to others, possible extended time at home, contact tracing, communicating with the local health department, etc., will come from the school nurse or her designee. It is imperative that we commit to keeping our children home if they are not feeling well and notifying the school of any positive cases of COVID-19 or close contact with others with COVID-19.

Will the campus be cleaned throughout the day?

Yes! We will clean high-touch areas during the day including door handles, counters, student desks, lunch tables, locker rooms, and student restrooms.

Will the water fountains be available to use?

No, the water fountains throughout campus will be closed. Students and staff are asked to bring their own water bottles to school.