Parent Connections

Parent Connections of Sherwood Christian Academy was established with a two-fold purpose. It first exists to provide an avenue for parents to uplift, encourage, and support the teachers who are instrumental in the spiritual and academic growth of their children. Secondly, Parent Connections’ intent is to initiate projects to foster positive relationships among SCA family members. 

It is our desire that each SCA family become involved with Parent Connections by serving on at least one of the committees listed below. Any funds raised are used for service projects as well as providing classroom enhancements for the teachers of SCA, which ultimately benefit our children.

Contact Sylvia Hager to get involved.

The following is a description of each committee:

BACK TO SCHOOL SNACKS FOR TEACHERS - During preplanning week, snacks and special treats are provided for teachers.

FOURTH FRIDAY BREAKFAST – Parent Connections provides breakfast for both campuses on the fourth Friday of each month. Volunteers bring breakfast items in on the fourth Friday for the teachers. Coordinator needed to call those who sign up and remind them to bring breakfast on their particular Friday.

DUTY-FREE LUNCH - Teachers enjoy a break from eating lunch with their classes everyday by having a parent volunteer take their class to lunch. This allows a quiet, relaxing time for the teachers during their lunch time and refreshed them for the remainder of the day. Volunteers must be able to maintain order of the class during this time.

TEACHER APPRECIATION – If a luncheon is provided for the teachers during teacher appreciation week, volunteers are needed to monitor classes while teachers enjoy time together. Parents also provide a variety of snacks for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  

PARENTS OF PRAYER (POP GROUP) - A group of parents meet each Wednesday morning in the conference room at 7:45 to pray for teachers and students. You may only be able to meet once or twice a month or every week.

BOX TOPS AND CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS - Parent volunteers are needed to help with collecting, cutting, and counting the box tops and soup labels. Funds are placed in a special account to provide classrooms with needed improvements.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPE – Elementary students are invited to shop for family and friends in the SCA Christmas Shoppe. Volunteers are needed to set up, help students make out shopping list, and fill orders.